The Sézane Librairie

Words, Photos & Filming by Abi
Editing by team arva

A space created by one of my favourite Parisian based brands, Sézane; the Librairie is a lovely spot on Rue Saint Fiacre where you can find books, bags & strong coffee.

So grab a coffee (or tea in my case), a book & the window seat (if you’re lucky) and spend the afternoon discovering things you didn’t know about your favourite artist or perhaps find the next dish you’re going to be whipping up in the kitchen.

I think it’s a genius way for everyone to be introduced to the Sézane brand or to fall further in love with them, depending on how far along your admiration already is.


Oh and L’Appartement Sezane is just next door, so do stop in to see the majority of their current collection too!

Abi x


and that's Sézane's Librairie

Address: 3 rue Saint Fiacre, 75002 Paris
Opening Details: Wednesday to Saturday 11am-8pm

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