Sliding very ungraciously out of the white minivan that was filled with props & a production crew, I found myself standing at the top of a promising garden in Marrakech ~ I say promising because you can tell that so much had been planted over the recent years and in time, once nature’s done her thing, I can only imagine the green paradise it will become.


Walking across the stone filled path and into the main house through the curved doors, the extraordinary combination of mid century furniture with the range of fabrics & colours used, quite literally blew my mind. We so carelessly throw around the term “instagramable” but this place was really was a perfectly curated setting. 

Every corner, every set-up, different & exciting. I don’t know if it was because I didn’t know what to expect from the house or what, but I fell in love with this place instantly and may have taken like 100 yeah..

Because of the circumstances (the photoshoot) it meant we had full access to the house & boy oh boy did I explore. Each of the 5 bedrooms were designed perfectly ~ all calm, cosy & inspiring; as you left one, you think “wow, nothing can top that” and then you enter the next and you’re thinking “how is this room even cooler!”.

Though my visit only lasted around 4 hours, here’s a little more about the gardener’s house, should you want to stay there:

The Gardener’s House 14The Gardener’s House 17
The Gardener’s House-22

You’ll find that prices in Marrakech are very reasonable, especially if you are used to the big city prices of London & NYC. One night here is €140 & includes breakfast. There is a minimum 3 night stay requirement but it makes sense as it’s not super central and strikes me as the kind of place you would want to spend a few nights at anyway. Other costs include lunch which is €15 & dinner, €30.

Located in Al, the house is around an hour long drive away from the city centre of Marrakech. What this means is that you’re a little further from all of the action that takes place in the medina but it also means you are very close to the Atlas mountains & Berber Villages, both are some of my favourites places to visit in Morocco. 

They offer guided hikes & cooking classes, so though you’ll probably be visiting to relax, there are a couple nice potential additions to your schedule.

Bookings also include:

  • A daily shuttle to and from the Jemaa el-Fna city center
  • Complimentary tea, coffee, water and milk for your arrival at the house. 
  • Free WIFI
  • Regular cleaning by our housekeeper.
The Gardener’s House-15
The Gardener’s House-2
The Gardener’s House-4
The Gardener’s House-18
The Gardener’s House-13

The Gardener’s House

Al Haouz, Morocco

For more details & to enquire about a stay, head to their site

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The Gardener’s House
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