The Dewberry

Never have I come across a hotel that has been able to capture the magic of a sunset so well. The rich colours and materials that fill The Dewberry make this Meeting Street spot perfect for those seeking some modern southern charm.

The founder, John Dewberry’s clear eye for detail is evident through every aspect from the furniture to the contents of the minibar, and showcases Charleston from a uniquely personal perspective.

Beyond its general perfection, there is a sense of joy as you wander the hallways and bump into staff. It feels like a different era, a time when everyone was family, whether you knew each other or not. For a hotel to embody and evoke such emotion is pretty special.

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Entry level rooms average out at around £230 per night. During our visit over Thanksgiving, it was £320 but then I was upgraded, to the Charleston Flat from a Signature King, which was a welcome surprise. The Charleston Flat is their best room & probably one of the best hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in – full stop.

It’s not often we find a hotel that serves food that is equally, if not better than the exciting local go-to restaurants. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, I was impressed with the dining options, which was a great bonus because the rooms are so perfect you don’t want to leave & with a sweet range of meals, you never have to. (ok, just kidding, you should explore, because Charleston is awesome but you know what I mean).

In a sharp contrast to most of these new “modern luxury” hotels like PUBLIC and Ace Hotels, the Dewberry is all about incredible service and so from the moment you arrive on their door step, everything, and I mean everything is handled. It’s a great feeling when you really feel like you’re being taken care of and all this money you’re spending on something so disposable is actually worth it. I am rarely impressed by staff in hotels anymore, as I find they strive to ensure the basics are met, but with the Dewberry team, there is a real sense of going above and beyond to ensure everything is not just great, but perfect.

Situated in what I would deem as a pretty central location, I found myself walking along King Street (the main fashion road) within minutes of leaving the hotel. From here, it’s an easy 30 minute walk to White Point Garden which is the tip of the city. Along the way you pass all of the historical attractions, buildings & churches and see what I would refer to as “typical Charleston”. Now don’t misinterpret my words; it may be typical but it’s all still quite incredible.

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• They have a great spa filled with a cool edit of beauty products; amongst the brands, you’ll find a personal favourite of mine, VOYA. When it comes to treatments, outside of the signature massages, I’d suggest the Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub, but i’m a major sucker for all things lavender so..

• If you have time, ask one of the many members of staff for a tour. They know so much about the hotel and the city, that it’s a great way to really appreciate the work it took, to create a hotel of this magnitude.

• Getting around Charleston in my opinion is pretty easy. If the weather is good & you’re wearing sensible shoes, you’ll be fine to walk around the whole city in a few hours. This being said, The Dewberry does have a house car, so check in with the Concierge should you want a complimentary ride to a local restaurant, museum or general attraction.

The Dewberry
334 Meeting St,
Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Phone: +1 843 558 8000

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