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The sky had just cleared from a light spring shower as I arrived at this West Hollywood hideaway ~ leaves were glistening, door handles wet & the LA sun was shining, I don’t think my introduction to The Charlie, could have been any more perfect.

In true LA style, I arrived late as I got stuck on the freeway but in that moment I didn’t really care, sure I missed valuable time in what I could tell soon to be one of my favourite hotels but I was here, so I focused on that.

The lady at the reception helped me with my silver suitcase & walked me to my room, The Dylan.

Each room & bungalow has the name of a celebrity that once resided in them; I’m not sure which famous Dylan my room is referring to but some of the other rooms have slightly more obvious names ~ names that include the likes of Marilyn, Valentino, Gregory & of course, Charlie.

Now Charlie Chaplin didn’t just reside in his namesake bungalow, he actually owned the whole property around the 1930s. I feel hum of excitement when I think of all of the crazy & incredible things that must have happened on these grounds. The parties, the meetings, the sordid romances ~ this perfectly hidden but so central place had some of the greatest stars that ever lived stay there & it’s definitely one of the reasons The Charlie is so special ~ well, at least to me.

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Naturally different room levels warrant different costings ~ when I stayed in the Dylan (which is categorised as one of the smaller rooms) it was around £200 per night but what I’ve come to know is that prices hugely differ depending on when you go & their capacity, sure this is a basic statement but what I’m trying to say is you could get a really great deal, I recently went to book The Charlie Bungalow (one of their bigger rooms) and I saw it for £280 on Tablet Hotels when it’s usually £450..

To be honest my only encounters with the staff are only ever during check in & check out, during both they’re always nice but I can’t really say more than that.

They fully stock the fridge with drinks & theres a basket filled with cookies, crisps etc. The prices weren’t scary hotel prices so I actually went through quite a few things & discovered/fell in love with Martinelli’s Apple Juice during my first visit a few years back. Besides this, there’s no on-site catering, but you’re in the heart of West Hollywood, so you have options, plus theres a fully functioning kitchen so there was a lot of pasta making whilst I was there.

If you know LA, you’ll know walking around is a rarity but with West Hollywood there are a lot more pavements and cool places near by, so its actually one of the best places to stay if you want to explore a little on foot.

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 Though I love booking with Tablet, The Charlie is one of those hotels that actually has some great deals & advantages when you book with them, like late check-out’s & free parking, so I’d check their rates directly when booking – this is something I rarely suggest with hotels!

 Either before or during your trip, do some grocery shopping & have home-cooking filled night. The kitchen has all of the essentials you need.

 The roof deck, though directly outside of the Valentino room, is actually communal, so make use of the night usually sun filled open space!

The Charlie
819 N Sweetzer Ave,
Los Angeles, 90069

Phone: +1 (323)-988-9000

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