Dining At Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Dining at Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

  • June 30, 2020

Dining at Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Words & Photos by Abi

So was it worth it? Is it ever worth it with Nobu? Look, on a basic level, to me, no, it wasn’t worth it, but on an ingredient and technique level, i’m sure the price is somewhat justified. Whether I can or can’t afford, I will always feel like expensive places will have to work so damn hard for me to understand why what they’re about to serve me is costing me 10 times the amount I could pay at a local spot. To be fair, the food was quite nice but I think it was the £19 for two beef skewers that killed it for me. When you’re going to charge that much for so little, that better be the best damn beef i’ve ever had.

It was not.

The service was essentially perfect and the general hotel staff were really helpful, so my overall experience was not only nice but left a good enough impression on me, to add it to my list of “go-to” places in East London.

nobu receipt

The desserts were quite impressive and perhaps even the highlight of the meal. I would easily go back or stop by if I was in the area to have the Vanilla Miso Tart with a scoop of their matcha ice-cream.



Address: 10-50 WILLOW STREET,

Site: Nobuhotelshoreditch.com

Phone: +44 207 683 1200



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Colony Grill, Mayfair

Colony Grill, Mayfair

  • March 22, 2020

The Colony Grill

Variety – check ✓
Atmosphere – check ✓
Food Quality – check ✓

The Colony Bar/Grill at The Beaumont is pretty perfect breakfast spot; my personal favourite? The brûlée’d Grapefruit.

extra thoughts..
SERVICE: not bad.. not great but not bad.
PRICE: For something from the cold menu and a drink you’re looking at around £12 & for a hearty meal and drink, around £25, so not the cheapest of places.
PERFECT FOR: Slightly formal breakfast or meeting.

Menu   Site   Reservations

The Beaumont
8 Balderton St, Brown Hart Gardens
Mayfair, London W1K 6TN

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The Easy Dinner Party

The easy dinner party

Aubaine Dinner Party 4 – arva

The easy dinner party

We all know that hosting a dinner party can be a little trickier than simply building a Pinterest board, preparing food & inviting guests, so when we needed to host an upcoming get-together, we consulted with the chef at Aubaine & made our way to Aubaine Mayfair for a night of festive fun.

Let’s face it, sometimes we want to go full on ‘Martha Stewart’ and get hands on with the creation of our soirée but sometimes, we just want to arrive and know that everything will be perfect. This time, it was the latter. Besides the general pre-event prep of ordering, we simply arrived to a private and spacious room, perfect for socialising.

Aubaine Dinner Party 7 – arva
Aubaine Dinner Party 2 – arva
Aubaine Dinner Party – arva

Our Menu


Smoked duck breast salad
Confit duck, endive, winter leaves, pickled blackberry, toasted hazelnut, hazelnut dressing


Smoked duck breast salad
Confit duck, endive, winter leaves, pickled blackberry, toasted hazelnut, hazelnut dressing


Roasted Brussels sprouts
Alsace bacon, chestnuts

Tasting boards
Mini merguez sausages, calamars frits, crudités, marinated bocconcini mozzarella balls, Serrano ham, mixed olives, chilli-lime aïoli, Aubaine bread selection

Baked Camembert
Crushed walnuts, truffle oil, baby leaves, crostini

Baked truffle bread and melted Reblochon cheese
Reblochon cheese, crème fraîche, black truffle, truffle oil, rocket leaves


See full menu here

Aubaine Dinner Party 3 – arva


Address: 31 Dover Street, Mayfair,

Site: Aubaine.co.uk

Phone: +44 20 7368 0955

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Open Table

Open Table

  • July 25, 2018

Open Table


Is date night coming? Dinner with the parents? Dinner with their parents?

Make online reservations, read restaurant reviews from diners, and earn points towards free meals with the Open Table. This app is seriously easy and convenient, letting us know where the coolest new restaurants are and how to snag a coveted table. Given the act that we love a night out, you could probably say that the Open Table is definitely one of the most frequently used apps on our phones.

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