Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

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At a first glance, the Korakia Pensione seems a little out of place when compared to the rest of the Palm Springs landscape ~ taking inspiration from both Morocco and Greece, a stay here feels more like an island getaway in the Middle East, than a cool retreat just outside of Los Angeles.

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There aren’t many hotels in the world that can capture a mood, quite as well as the Korakia does. You can tell in an instant that every little detail has been thought about, from the quietly decorative water features to the poolside hideaways that are perfect for reading a book, or perhaps writing one; you won’t be short on inspiration whilst you’re there.

The great thing about visiting Palm Springs is that you can enjoy the sun during most months of the year, meaning you don’t have to visit the Korakia Pensione during high season (June-August & of course April, because of Coachella). With an interesting mix of rooms that vary in ways beyond size, their prices start from around  £110 per night, off season.

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So as far as we know, the Korakia only do breakfast but damn, if it isn’t one of the best breakfasts in Palm Springs. Complete with a photogenic table set-up and fresh juices, whatever is on the menu on your given day will be the best way to start your day. Oh & breakfast is complimentary!

Lovely as they are, you should view the women who staff the hotel almost like a cool older sister. Knowledgable, full of random yet funny conversation but not really there to carry your bags. What are we saying? Don’t expect a 5* hotel kinda service, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an incredible time, they just kinda leave you to your own devices, as if you were renting an apartment lets say.

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During our visit, we could easily walk to most places – though admittedly we didn’t most times, as it was so damn hot, but the Korakia is in a great location and is also just a 10 minute walk away from the Palm Springs Art Museum & 15 minute drive away from El Mirasol our favourite local Mexican restaurant.

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 Actually use the pool. Now I know that sounds pretty basic but with a choice of two really quite perfect pools and the dreamiest of surrounding furniture, why not grab a book you don’t mind getting a little wet and spend a few hours cooling off, I can’t quite explain it but their pools are just a vibe.

 If you’re into movies, head to the concierge and find out what movie will be on that night and see if you can sway them to play one of your favourite classics. What was on, when we went? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…we may or may not have had something to do with that choice.

Korakia Pensione

257 S Patencio Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA
+1 760-864-6411
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Palm Springs Art Museum

Palm Springs Art Museum

  • June 6, 2019
Palm Springs Gallery-14

Palm Springs
Art Museum

Words, Photos & Filming by Abi
Editing by team arva

On a roasting Thursday afternoon in July, my sister & I trekked from the Avalon Hotel to the Palm Springs Art Museum, yes, you might be googling it now and be thinking “guys, it’s literally a 10 minute walk” and yes, you would be correct, but damn the high summer sun was unforgiving that day. During our “journey”, I felt like we were adventurers of some kind, about to consume our last drop of water, exploring the Australian outback. Dramatics aside, we arrived and were greeted by grand parallel staircases and made our way into the cool air filled, open space.

I wouldn’t say we are museum connoisseurs, we’re the kinds of people who stumble from exhibition to exhibition, hoping to find pieces that inspire us, typically if we’re not into the first couple of pieces, we whiz through until we find something a little more..to our taste.

Personally, I found myself leaning towards pieces from Faig Ahmed (the melting carpet) & Manuel Felguerez (the twisting copper sculpture). I’m no art critic but I’m pretty sure my preferences couldn’t have been any more opposite but hey, you like what you like? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Palm Springs Gallery-19

The wild flower, cacti filled outdoor area was probably my favourite part of the whole museum. A variety of sculptures and water features also lived within these concrete walls and though everything was encased in so much stone, there was still something about the sculpture garden that felt so refreshing, like you could spend the day trying to decipher Baudelaire poems whilst eating ice-cream sandwiches; ..yeah that was oddly specific, I know, but you get the picture, the garden had a calm like quality to it.

If when you’re in town & want to save some money, head there late afternoon (4pm-8pm) on a Thursday, like we did, as admission is free.

Address: 101 Museum Drive, Palm Springs, CA, 92262
Opening Details: Sun, Mon, Tue, Fri, Sat 10 a.m. – 5 p.m; Thu ,12-8 p.m.; free 4-8 p.m; Wed, Closed

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Palm Springs Gallery-17
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