Boro Hotel, New York

Boro Hotel, New York

  • July 1, 2020

Boro Hotel

Words, Photos & Filming by Abi
Editing by Nicolee Tsin

On recent trips to New York, exploring outside of the main manhattan island has been a focus of mine; One of the first hotels I discovered when doing this was Boro. This Long Island City (though some people argue it’s Queens..) spot, is clean, open, moody & perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, well by New York City standards at least.

Alright guys, I present to you Boro Hotel..


For the most part, it’s very affordable, especially when compared to boutique hotels in New York. We paid around £130 per night & the security deposit is $100 per night.

Their menu is very limited, so I’d definitely suggest eating out. This being said, I tried a few of their dishes including their chocolate chip pancakes & a sandwich of some kind..anyway, both were pretty incredible and I don’t usually like sandwiches, so that’s saying something..

Friendly and always ready to help with amenities like clothes rails, fridges, microwaves and such. I will say the general hotel feels slightly more like a serviced apartment, in that the staff can’t help you with too many things outside of sourcing amenities. There is no doorman or person to help with luggage and it seems like the team is quite small, so requests such as room service can take quite a while. So if you’re quite low maintenance and don’t require too many services, then you’ll be happy with Boro.

Not quite as gentrified as near by areas like Williamsburg, Long Island City/Queens nonetheless has a good crop of nice restaurants and parks to keep you busy, so it’s a great place to stay in. In other words, don’t worry that it’s not Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’ll be fine but should you get bored, you’re only a 20 minute subway ride away from Times Square.

Transport to Manhattan
39th Avenue (5 minute walk) — N or W train to Manhattan (20 minutes)

21St – Queensboro Plaza (10 minute walk) — 7 train to Manhattan (10 minutes) transport wise, you’re all good.



• Their twin rooms are pretty big, which is great but none have the awesome brooklyn view, so just keep that in mind.

• On a few of the top floors, you’ll find shared seated balcony’s where you can enjoy the view and hang out, so even if you’re on a lower floor or don’t have a great view these are fully accessible 24/7 for all guests, just ask member of staff which floors you can find them on.

• Their roof top is an amazing place to hang out and work especially during the day before it becomes a bar. Oh & just to be clear, when it becomes a bar the vibe is pretty great too, serving $10 cocktails & $5 beers.

Boro Hotel
38-28 27th Street 

Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: +1 718 433 1375



and that's Boro.

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Grimaldi’s At 11 Howard Hotel

Grimaldi’s at 11 Howard Hotel

  • June 30, 2020

at 11
Howard Hotel

Words & Photos by Abi

Comfortably sitting a top an open double decker tour bus zooming through Brooklyn at around 8pm on a November evening, our tour guide casually mentions that if we wanted the best pizza in New York, we’re going to simply have to head to Grimaldi’s on Front St; sure there’s always a long line but it’s totally worth it.

I jot this tip down in my notes.

As our tour bus does a U-turn and heads back to Times Square, our guide randomly adds, “Oh remember, that Pizza place I told you guys to head to in Brooklyn”, we all nod; “Well there’s actually a small & basically unknown branch here on 6th avenue; the pizza is just as great and theres never a line”

The next evening, i’m about to order room service from the 11 Howard, a chic Soho based hotel I was staying in, but then I think, hey, 6th Avenue isn’t too far.


Could tonight be the night, for Grimaldi’s I wondered..

Two uber rides & $18 (ex tax) later; I’m back at the hotel, greeted by the hotel’s front desk staff, who remarked “Ahh Grimaldi’s, great choice Ms Omole, enjoy!”

Was it worth the mini shlep? Heck yes it was.

– Abi



656 6th Ave, 10011

11 Howard Hotel

11 Howard Street, 10013

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Dining At Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Dining at Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

  • June 30, 2020

Dining at Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

Words & Photos by Abi

So was it worth it? Is it ever worth it with Nobu? Look, on a basic level, to me, no, it wasn’t worth it, but on an ingredient and technique level, i’m sure the price is somewhat justified. Whether I can or can’t afford, I will always feel like expensive places will have to work so damn hard for me to understand why what they’re about to serve me is costing me 10 times the amount I could pay at a local spot. To be fair, the food was quite nice but I think it was the £19 for two beef skewers that killed it for me. When you’re going to charge that much for so little, that better be the best damn beef i’ve ever had.

It was not.

The service was essentially perfect and the general hotel staff were really helpful, so my overall experience was not only nice but left a good enough impression on me, to add it to my list of “go-to” places in East London.

nobu receipt

The desserts were quite impressive and perhaps even the highlight of the meal. I would easily go back or stop by if I was in the area to have the Vanilla Miso Tart with a scoop of their matcha ice-cream.



Address: 10-50 WILLOW STREET,


Phone: +44 207 683 1200



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Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

Korakia Pensione Hotel-6


At a first glance, the Korakia Pensione seems a little out of place when compared to the rest of the Palm Springs landscape ~ taking inspiration from both Morocco and Greece, a stay here feels more like an island getaway in the Middle East, than a cool retreat just outside of Los Angeles.

Korakia Pensione Hotel-17
Korakia Pensione Hotel-3
Korakia Pensione Hotel-4

There aren’t many hotels in the world that can capture a mood, quite as well as the Korakia does. You can tell in an instant that every little detail has been thought about, from the quietly decorative water features to the poolside hideaways that are perfect for reading a book, or perhaps writing one; you won’t be short on inspiration whilst you’re there.

The great thing about visiting Palm Springs is that you can enjoy the sun during most months of the year, meaning you don’t have to visit the Korakia Pensione during high season (June-August & of course April, because of Coachella). With an interesting mix of rooms that vary in ways beyond size, their prices start from around  £110 per night, off season.

Korakia Pensione Hotel-11
Korakia Pensione Hotel-12
Korakia Pensione Hotel-5
Korakia Pensione Hotel-10
Korakia Pensione Hotel-14
Korakia Pensione Hotel-8
Korakia Pensione Hotel-34
Korakia Pensione Hotel-32
Korakia Pensione Hotel-30

So as far as we know, the Korakia only do breakfast but damn, if it isn’t one of the best breakfasts in Palm Springs. Complete with a photogenic table set-up and fresh juices, whatever is on the menu on your given day will be the best way to start your day. Oh & breakfast is complimentary!

Lovely as they are, you should view the women who staff the hotel almost like a cool older sister. Knowledgable, full of random yet funny conversation but not really there to carry your bags. What are we saying? Don’t expect a 5* hotel kinda service, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have an incredible time, they just kinda leave you to your own devices, as if you were renting an apartment lets say.

Korakia Pensione Hotel-2
Korakia Pensione Hotel-19


During our visit, we could easily walk to most places – though admittedly we didn’t most times, as it was so damn hot, but the Korakia is in a great location and is also just a 10 minute walk away from the Palm Springs Art Museum & 15 minute drive away from El Mirasol our favourite local Mexican restaurant.

Korakia Pensione Hotel-7
Korakia Pensione Hotel-27
Korakia Pensione Hotel-13
Korakia Pensione Hotel-24


 Actually use the pool. Now I know that sounds pretty basic but with a choice of two really quite perfect pools and the dreamiest of surrounding furniture, why not grab a book you don’t mind getting a little wet and spend a few hours cooling off, I can’t quite explain it but their pools are just a vibe.

 If you’re into movies, head to the concierge and find out what movie will be on that night and see if you can sway them to play one of your favourite classics. What was on, when we went? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…we may or may not have had something to do with that choice.

Korakia Pensione

257 S Patencio Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262, USA
+1 760-864-6411
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The Dewberry, Charleston

The Dewberry, Charleston

  • June 20, 2020

The Dewberry

Never have I come across a hotel that has been able to capture the magic of a sunset so well. The rich colours and materials that fill The Dewberry make this Meeting Street spot perfect for those seeking some modern southern charm.

The founder, John Dewberry’s clear eye for detail is evident through every aspect from the furniture to the contents of the minibar, and showcases Charleston from a uniquely personal perspective.

Beyond its general perfection, there is a sense of joy as you wander the hallways and bump into staff. It feels like a different era, a time when everyone was family, whether you knew each other or not. For a hotel to embody and evoke such emotion is pretty special.

Dewberry Hotel-15
Dewberry Hotel-8
Dewberry Hotel-13
Dewberry Hotel-16
Dewberry Hotel-23

Entry level rooms average out at around £230 per night. During our visit over Thanksgiving, it was £320 but then I was upgraded, to the Charleston Flat from a Signature King, which was a welcome surprise. The Charleston Flat is their best room & probably one of the best hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in – full stop.

It’s not often we find a hotel that serves food that is equally, if not better than the exciting local go-to restaurants. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, I was impressed with the dining options, which was a great bonus because the rooms are so perfect you don’t want to leave & with a sweet range of meals, you never have to. (ok, just kidding, you should explore, because Charleston is awesome but you know what I mean).

In a sharp contrast to most of these new “modern luxury” hotels like PUBLIC and Ace Hotels, the Dewberry is all about incredible service and so from the moment you arrive on their door step, everything, and I mean everything is handled. It’s a great feeling when you really feel like you’re being taken care of and all this money you’re spending on something so disposable is actually worth it. I am rarely impressed by staff in hotels anymore, as I find they strive to ensure the basics are met, but with the Dewberry team, there is a real sense of going above and beyond to ensure everything is not just great, but perfect.

Situated in what I would deem as a pretty central location, I found myself walking along King Street (the main fashion road) within minutes of leaving the hotel. From here, it’s an easy 30 minute walk to White Point Garden which is the tip of the city. Along the way you pass all of the historical attractions, buildings & churches and see what I would refer to as “typical Charleston”. Now don’t misinterpret my words; it may be typical but it’s all still quite incredible.

Dewberry Hotel-21
Dewberry Hotel-19
Dewberry Hotel-20
Dewberry Hotel-39


• They have a great spa filled with a cool edit of beauty products; amongst the brands, you’ll find a personal favourite of mine, VOYA. When it comes to treatments, outside of the signature massages, I’d suggest the Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub, but i’m a major sucker for all things lavender so..

• If you have time, ask one of the many members of staff for a tour. They know so much about the hotel and the city, that it’s a great way to really appreciate the work it took, to create a hotel of this magnitude.

• Getting around Charleston in my opinion is pretty easy. If the weather is good & you’re wearing sensible shoes, you’ll be fine to walk around the whole city in a few hours. This being said, The Dewberry does have a house car, so check in with the Concierge should you want a complimentary ride to a local restaurant, museum or general attraction.

The Dewberry
334 Meeting St,
Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Phone: +1 843 558 8000

Listening to..

Dewberry Hotel-32
Dewberry Hotel-31
Dewberry Hotel-34
Dewberry Hotel-37
Dewberry Hotel 28Dewberry Hotel 29
Dewberry Hotel-11
Dewberry Hotel-9
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Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

  • July 25, 2018

Hotel Tonight


So you arrive at your destination, only to realize that you managed to remember to make reservations at every hot spot in town, but forgot to book a place to stay. It happens to the best of us, right? Problem? I think not.
Hotel Tonight makes it quick and easy to get great last-minute deals on hotels with the touch of a button. Phew, that was close!

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Day Use

Day Use

  • July 25, 2018

Day Use


Sometimes we need a great space for a shoot, a pop-up office, or when the team is feeling spontaneous – a day at the spa. Day Use allows you to book a hotel room when it’s not typically being used. It’s easy to use and perfect for last-minute bookings, which works great for our dynamic and fast-paced work schedule.

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