Grants, The Modern Way.

Grants, The Modern Way.

  • May 10, 2020

~ in paid partnership with Grant’s Whisky~


Grants, The Modern Way

Let me take you on a little trip..

Picture this, you’re in a vast but cosy little town, in the middle of Scotland called Dufftown. You’re there to learn, encourage, take part & generally douse yourself in some strong whisky heritage. Why?

Well, because Grant’s is searching for a new Global Brand Ambassador and this extraordinary role has a pretty cool interview.  There are no CVs or cover letters, Grant’s are testing the candidates in a range of areas from their creativity to improvisation to how they handle near on impossible communication dilemmas, and you’re here to help them find the ultimate candidate for the job.

As a creative, naturally you’ll be focusing on the candidates’ ability to produce something out of nothing. You’ll be looking at how they improvise whilst clearly communicate their ideas & of course, have fun.


To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Charles Gordon introducing Grant’s Whisky to the world, the new Global Brand Ambassador will recreate his original year-long journey. With this in mind, the challenges that have been set really focus on communication, team work and aspects that are important to being a global citizen, ergo a global ambassador.


You spend a few days getting to know the candidates, learn from them, grow fond of them, all whilst actually developing your own knowledge of Whisky & the Grant’s family.

Alas, once the challenges finish and the fun times become distant memories, it’s time for you to go home but for the final 3 contestants the journey has truly just begun.

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