• July 25, 2018



The idea of being able to get through a book in an afternoon or day was never really an option for me. Between work and well…work I found myself unable to finish the books that interested me and other titles, that I generally needed to read.

Way, WAY, back when I was in secondary school, all my friends were reading the Twilight Saga. I was naturally interested but between school, extra curricular stuff, my blog – what I then thought was a super busy schedule – I knew there was no way I was ever going to be able to read them. I don’t even know who introduced me to Audible but to say it changed things would be an understatement.

Fast forward, 10 years or so, I manage to get through 2 sometimes 3 books a week, because I listen to them. I find I’m able to listen whilst I’m doing visual things like editing pictures, designing websites and drawing. But there’s definitely a particular time you’ll find yourself listening to a book – I found I can’t, if I’m writing, editing or brain storming. Of course, there are also commutes which are great especially for someone like me who loves a good long, bus ride.

So, try it! Ge the Audible app here

P.S. You can listen to Audible titles, on pretty much every device from your phone, to your tablet to your amazon echo, so it’s beyond convenient.

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