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Words by Abi
Editing by team arva

Lola James Harper believe that an eau de toilette is a “personal potion that changes our state of mind, gives us a new energy… a new way of being…” and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

In their ‘Fragrance of Spirits we love’ collection, there were two scents that particularly stood out to me; number 26 & number 27.

number 27

With strong earthy & floral roots, Iris Eau de Toilette is a light, fun, perfect for a summer evening out sort of fragrance.

Where to wear the fragrance?
Somerset House Open-air cinema
Whilst rowing through Little Venice
The Rose Festival
or the Holi Festival of Colours

27 // Do what you love with people you love


26 // Together is always better


The Green Tea Eau de Toilette is simple and fresh. The lack of complexity and strong layers means it can also double (or triple) as a subtle room or wardrobe/dresser spray..well that’s what I use it for.

number 26

A few home pieces that are on my list at the moment:
(all from Marks & Spencer)

Iris Spotted Doddy Bedding Set
Blue tea towels
Austin Dinner Set
Dexter table lamp

Usually we would buy Lola James Harper from Selfridges, however they seem to be sold out of like everything, so we’d try Colette.

Abi x