Recycling packaging

arva take pride in being environmentally aware, taking great measures to ensure that we have our products packaging in ways that will have a positive effect on the environment. Whether it be recycling or reusing our packaging, we want to assure our customers that whatever they may purchase from us means that they will be positively contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact and ecological footprint.

Recycled boxboard box

For storage for makeup, stationary to keep you beauty station or work desk tidy.
Decorate them with stickers for your kids and have them store there little arts and crafts in them.
Can create sections with a cardboard divider, then can be used for small pieces such as jewellery (rings, earrings etc).

Re-sealable plastic bag

Use it to carry small snacks such as dried fruit, nuts & seeds, or your granola to have for breakfast at work etc.
Carry on your travels to add small liquid inside