Oud Sahara
at The Line, LA

~ written from my bed at the line hotel, los angeles ~

As the seasons change, I look to perfumes as a form of inspiration in deciding what I might want to wear, watch or do. The stories and the recipes behind them are so influential in my decisions, I tend to see subtle links to them in my everyday. 

I fell in love with Gourmand EDP’s (a.k.a Urban Outfitter’s) ‘Oud Sahara’ because of it’s musty, aromatic & gentle-womanly notes; I guess what i’m trying to say is that, it’s a sophisticated & soft perfume with a slight woody depth. Perfect for a slow afternoon in downtown la.

Oud Sahara 6Oud Sahara
Oud Sahara 5Oud Sahara 3

The 30ml bottle is simple & small enough to take in your bag and the grin inducing price point of £16 doesn’t hurt either. Though their UK online store is currently out of stock of this exact scent, the Gourmand fragrance collection has over 8 scents available. One in particular I love alongside Oud, is the Lait De Coco scent; a light, sweet & milky perfume that is currently available online. This being said, you could stop by your local UO as you might stumble across a rogue Oud Sahara in their beauty section.


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