Sand & Rock

Snowdonia, Wales – the perfect road trip destination; blissfully British coastline (a.k.a. take your coat, not your bikini), rolling fields of greenery separated by small stone barns and and forestry, and mountains so stunning that you end up forgetting that you’re in a car.

We ventured from the coastline of Black Sands beach to the edge of one of Snowdonia’s vastest lakes.

We’ll let you into a little secret: we loved every minute.

From Coast to Campsite - Hyundai KONA Trip

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Dylan's Restaurant,

First stop? Lunch.

Dylan’s Cafe in the small coastal town of Ciccieth was a charming and cosy hide-out; the perfect shelter from the wild wind and rain outside.

Offering a casual British menu with all the classics, and floor to ceiling windows with stunning views of the beach, it was hard to leave.

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Black Rock Sand Beach, Porthmadog.

Back in the car, tunes on and adventure around the corner. The weather didn’t stop us driving along Black Rock Sand beach. As the clouds came over we found ourselves huddled in the car, well and truly enjoying the moment. With blankets and books, we were able to escape from our usually busy schedule and simply appreciate the British weather.

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Mount Snowdon, Snowdonia.

As dusk settled, we explored the intricate landscape of Mount Snowdon from the comfort of our car – although we couldn’t resist climbing half way out the window to capture photographs.

The road was narrow and rocky, but the views were worth it. The lake that sits on the foot of the mountain was completely still and wrapped up in a thick fog.

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It was time to chill, and where better than a private yurt with heated blankets, The North Face slippers and a wash bag of The Cowshed cosmetics.

When it comes to camping, our team was a little mixed in opinion, but one thing we all agreed on – this kind of camping we could get used to.

Before heading back to Chester we couldn’t resist waking up for sunrise. Flask of Earl Grey and our new favourite; Rupi Kaur’s ‘The Sun & Her Flowers’, in hand, we got a little lost on that lake side surrounded by mountain landscape.

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