There are certain traits I have that I know are a result of me being a ‘millennial’. Take booking a hotel, it’s pretty rare that I find myself booking one way in advance anymore; perhaps if i’m travelling with family, or if a really good deal comes my way, then sure I might, but 9/10 times I’ll book my hotel once i’ve arrived at my destination. Once i’m in the city & have heard a locals (ergo the uber drivers) thoughts on different districts, then I’ll go on the Hotel Tonight app and see what my options are.

The app has been built perfectly to accommodate travellers who are impulsive, forgetful or who are generally just laid back, like me. They are active in over 300 cities worldwide, so they’re likely to have options for wherever you might be going. So far i’ve used them in London, New York, Paris, Nice & Malaga; besides the fact that I always check hotel reviews on TripAdvisor first, the app is pretty darn perfect & has all you need to book a hotel in seconds. I’ve seen rates as low as £30 per night and as high as £600, so you’re bound to find something within your price range.

Have a trip coming up, why not try it? Wait til you’ve landed, see whats available & stay somewhere on a whim. I kinda like the suspense of not knowing in advance where i’m going to spend the night..

– Abi


Hotel De Nell
7-9 Rue du Conservatoire – 75009 Paris


Oh & be sure to use my code: AOmole3 to get £15 off your stay. The app is available on Android & Apple devices.

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