at 11
Howard Hotel

Words & Photos by Abi

Comfortably sitting a top an open double decker tour bus zooming through Brooklyn at around 8pm on a November evening, our tour guide mentions that if we wanted the best pizza in New York we’re going to simply have to head to Grimaldi’s on Front St; sure there’s always a line but it’s totally worth it.

I jot this tip down in my notes. As our tour bus does a U-turn and heads back to Times Square, our guide randomly adds, “Oh remember, that Pizza place I told you guys to head to in Brooklyn”, we all nod; “Well there’s actually a small & basically unknown branch here on 6th avenue; the pizza is just as great and theres never a line”

The next evening, i’m about to order room service from the 11 Howard, the stylish Soho based hotel i’m staying in, but think hey, 6th Avenue isn’t far.


Could tonight be the night, for Grimaldi’s I wonder..

Two uber rides & $18 (ex tax) later; i’m back at the hotel, greeted by the hotel’s front desk staff, who says “Ahh Grimaldi’s, great choice Ms Omole, enjoy!”

Was it worth the mini shlep? Heck yes.

– Abi



656 6th Ave, 10011

11 Howard Hotel

11 Howard Street, 10013

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