So, Glossier were in town

Words & Photos by Abi

I don’t want to insult your intelligence by giving you the full story behind Glossier, however, lets just say you haven’t heard of the millennial pink, girly to the max, fresh faced model looking, beauty brand, here’s the deal..well in short..

Emily Weiss, online/beauty extraordinaire who arrived on the scene wearing all black in those early Teen Vogue episodes of ‘The Hills’ you might have seen, launched a beauty platform called Into The Gloss back in 2010. It’s awesome, it’s detailed and is essentially an online directory filled with products, interviews, editorials and more, all around beauty. You still with me? Well four (or so) years after launching ITG she decided to foray into the actual beauty brand market creating, you guessed it, Glossier.


"We’re the beauty brand that wants to be friends with you—mostly because we’re not so much a brand as we are real people over here just trying to rethink the beauty industry and have a good time doing it."

Their collection features essentials across skincare & make up, including fan favourites like the balm dotcom & boy brow; as well as some of my personal favourites, the priming moisturiser & Generation G lip colours. Though I’ve visited the Glossier Showroom in NYC on many occasions, on Saturday morning when I heard they were popping up in Marylebone, London for the day, I thought ‘heck yes, lets go!’. After a short wait in line, Natasha & I were in, but in all the excitement of seeing the address on instagram, messaging Natasha & well getting there, I might have missed the memo that the pop-up space wasn’t going to be selling any products, it was purely there for you to try products, take hella pictures (:D) & if brave, slide down the sofa to where Emily was sitting & strike up a convo about who knows what..which we may have’s what Emily filled us in on:

  • Glossier won’t actually be opening a store/showroom anytime soon, they’re focusing on just e-commerce in the UK.
  • Speaking of online, their online store won’t start delivering to the UK until October, it might be earlier but that’s the ballpark date she gave us.
  • For those of you who love the brand, you might know that Net A Porter stock the original Balm dotcom trio, she told us, they won’t be getting any new products, so in essence, the only place in the near future that will be stocking the full collection available for the UK, will be

Alright, fact time over. Enjoy the photos of the as expected, pretty diggs, team Glossier created for their pop-up showroom in London.



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