Grants Whisky-16

Here’s one I made earlier..

What comes to mind when you think of a whiskey cocktail? I have a feeling the words light, refreshing and subtly sweet, are not what you had in mind.


Dining at Nobu Hotel, Shoreditch

So was it worth it? Is it ever worth it with Nobu? Look, on a basic level, to me, no, it wasn’t worth it, but on an ingredient and technique level, i’m sure the price is somewhat justified.



To celebrate the release of Home Again, Abi and Ella went on a Nancy Meyer themed day. What’s that you might ask? Check out the vlog!


Grants, The Modern Way.

Let me take you on a little trip… Picture this, you’re in a vast but cosy little town, in the middle of Scotland called Dufftown.

Aubaine Dinner Party 4 – arva

The easy dinner party

We all know that hosting a dinner party can be a little trickier than simply building a Pinterest board, preparing food & inviting guests, so when we needed to host an upcoming get-together, we consulted with the chef at Aubaine & made our way to Aubaine Mayfair for a night of festive fun.