Flower Care

Arva Stock 111
Arva Stock 111


How should I look after them?

  • After unwrapping your bouquet, cut the stems at an angle to allow them to soak up water in the most efficient way. Re-cut every 3 or so days, to improve the flower’s water uptake.
  • Fill a clean vase up 2/3 of the way, with room temperature water. Ensure the vase has a wide enough neck for the size you purchase, so that the flowers do not get squashed. (trust us on this one, okay!)
  • Put your sachet of flower food in the water. If you do not have any flower food, or have used all yours up, use a teaspoon of white sugar and half a teaspoon of clear Bleach to improve the flowers’ rigidity and glucose levels.  (this step helps but should you ignore it, your flowers will still be fine for around 5-6 days)
  • You can remove the string from your bouquet if you wish, but we suggest that you keep it on to retain the love, shape, and artistry with which your bouquet was handcrafted 🙂
  • Pull any excess leaves out of the water as they drop to prevent bacteria & also remove any wilting flowers (as their lifespans can vary) to keep your bouquet lasting longer.
  • Change your water when it becomes discovered ~ or every two days! (it really makes a difference, so don’t forget this one!)
  • Keep your flowers away from ripening fruit, especially bananas which release ethene, causing plants to ‘ripen’ or go bad faster. (who knew, right?)
  • Keep flowers away from direct sunlight & radiators. 

How long will they stay fresh?
Typically between 5-8 days.

Will my bouquet look EXACTLY like the picture?
Well, every bouquet & flower will vary, as they are natural products but for the most part, our picture provides you with a real essence of the bouquet you will be receiving. We also regularly update our pictures, so what you’re seeing is always the best representation of the bouquet at the time. 

Will I get the exact flowers pictured?
Well in most cases yes, however if a flower pictured is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute them with something equally as perfect & awesome for the arrangement.
Also as we only want the best for you guys, as flowers go out of season we update the bouquets to ensure you always have a fresh, great looking bouquet, that lasts.
We promise, we will only ever send you the best.


If you have specific requirements for your bouquet, please call us to let us know. 

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