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Calling Brooklyn home

For many of you, Airbnb is by no means a revelation, but finding a place that really does feel like home is definitely a place worth talking about.

This small but stylish property situated in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn remains a favourite of ours. From the kind hosts who supply you with all the local knowledge you could ask for (guides & maps included) to simply being walking distance of all you could want on this side of Brooklyn, you will struggle to find a property this perfect at it’s price point – which is usually around £151 btw.

Though it technically fits 3 people, we’d say 2 would be ideal but do have a couple of guests over, as you have your own little patio.

Naturally nowhere is perfect and it’s main flaw is that the kitchen doesn’t have a sink, however the bathroom which is just to the right of the kitchen has a deep-ish sink, so that’s the suggested place to do any washing ~ note, the small bathroom is also where the shower is.

Just in case our favourite Clinton Hill property is unavailable or simply not your vibe, here’s our full list of Brooklyn properties we love, all priced between £65-£300 a night, so i’m sure you’ll find one you love!

arva’s brooklyn list!

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Sounds like you’re kinda place? Well whilst in the area, check out a couple of our favourites:

Locanda ~ a sweet Italian restaurant

Peaches Shrimp and Crab ~ a deep south inspired seafood restaurant

Primrose Cafe ~ a cute cafe, serving up some the perfect accompaniments to whatever book you’re reading whilst there. Our favourites? The Cinnamon Chili Spiced Latte with a Brie and pear grilled cheese. OH BOY is it good.

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