Boro Hotel

Words, Photos & Filming by Abi
Editing by Nicolee Tsin

On recent trips to New York, exploring outside of the main manhattan island has been a focus of mine; One of the first hotels I discovered when doing this was Boro. This Long Island City (though some people argue it’s Queens..) spot, is clean, open, moody & perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more affordable, well by New York City standards at least.

Alright guys, I present to you Boro Hotel..


For the most part, it’s very affordable, especially when compared to boutique hotels in New York. We paid around £130 per night & the security deposit is $100 per night.

Their menu is very limited, so I’d definitely suggest eating out. This being said, I tried a few of their dishes including their chocolate chip pancakes & a sandwich of some kind..anyway, both were pretty incredible and I don’t usually like sandwiches, so that’s saying something..

Friendly and always ready to help with amenities like clothes rails, fridges, microwaves and such. I will say the general hotel feels slightly more like a serviced apartment, in that the staff can’t help you with too many things outside of sourcing amenities. There is no doorman or person to help with luggage and it seems like the team is quite small, so requests such as room service can take quite a while. So if you’re quite low maintenance and don’t require too many services, then you’ll be happy with Boro.

Not quite as gentrified as near by areas like Williamsburg, Long Island City/Queens nonetheless has a good crop of nice restaurants and parks to keep you busy, so it’s a great place to stay in. In other words, don’t worry that it’s not Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’ll be fine but should you get bored, you’re only a 20 minute subway ride away from Times Square.

Transport to Manhattan
39th Avenue (5 minute walk) — N or W train to Manhattan (20 minutes)

21St – Queensboro Plaza (10 minute walk) — 7 train to Manhattan (10 minutes) transport wise, you’re all good.



• Their twin rooms are pretty big, which is great but none have the awesome brooklyn view, so just keep that in mind.

• On a few of the top floors, you’ll find shared seated balcony’s where you can enjoy the view and hang out, so even if you’re on a lower floor or don’t have a great view these are fully accessible 24/7 for all guests, just ask member of staff which floors you can find them on.

• Their roof top is an amazing place to hang out and work especially during the day before it becomes a bar. Oh & just to be clear, when it becomes a bar the vibe is pretty great too, serving $10 cocktails & $5 beers.

Boro Hotel
38-28 27th Street 

Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: +1 718 433 1375



and that's Boro.

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