arva visits AERIN in The Hamptons

arva visits AERIN in The Hamptons

Aerin is a brand that means a lot to me. I find it incredible when a person or a brand can really transfer feelings, thoughts & memories through products.
Saw you in a dream

Saw you in a dream

Any fragrance that is designed to “encapsulate the pink clouds of a hazy sunset and the play of light on rippling water” sounds pretty good.
Time with Glossier

Time with Glossier

Over the course of around 2 months or so, we’ve been invited & involved in a number of Glossier events.

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Ever wondered how to maintain a fresh glow after working all day and sleeping less than the recommended 8h? Or you want to try a new perfume but you’re not quite sure which one?
Wonder no more because here at arva we research, wear and try a variety of products to ensure we give you an honest opinion (just like your friend would) as well as tips to add to your beauty routine!

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Spirits We Love With Lola James Harper

Spirits we love with Lola James Harper

Lola James Harper believe that an eau de toilette is a “personal potion that changes our state of mind, gives us a new energy… a new way of being…” and I honestly couldn’t agree more.
Discover Le Labo

Discover Le Labo

You might have heard about Fine Fragrance brand, Le Labo. They've been making their way round all the cool kids (& their mums) because of their top quality, ingredient filled fragrances, cool sourcing and timeless packaging.
Glossier In London

Glossier in London

Their collection features essentials across skincare & make up, including fan favourites like the balm dotcom & boy brow; as well as some of my personal favourites, the priming moisturiser & Generation G lip colours.
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