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Ayurvedic eating with Jasmine Hemsley & American Express

Words & Photos by Abi

Attending an Ayurvedic lunch that Jasmine Hemsley had curated for American Express was an experience that was both intriguing and enlightening. I found the more Jasmine spoke about the different doshas (body types) & meanings behind the order of things, the more curious I was about this somewhat scientific way of life.

Ayurveda is about the delicate harmony of our mind, body & spirit.” – Jasmine Hemsley.

With each dish having meaning, like the gram ladoos ~ though technically a dessert, we ate this first, so we could satisfy our ‘something sweet’ cravings, meaning once we were full on the savoury mains we didn’t feel like dessert was a necessity as we had already covered things in the sweet department. Why did we do this? Because some of us have the tendencies to over eat – even when we’re SO full on our mains, we somehow find space for dessert, and this is because our bodies are saying “yo, I might be full, but I still want something sweet”; enter having a small but natural sugar filled treat before the main.

Combining the event stylings of Patrick Janelle, the Ayurvedic, East by West experience from Jasmine & leaving with a tongue scraper that should be used, first thing every morning, as a way to check your body’s health (more info here), the whole experience was enriching and fun.

Jasmine has a book filled with all of the recipes that we tried, which you can buy here & I’ve noted the recipe pages for you on the menu to the right (>>).

Also for a full run down of all things Ayurveda & to find out what your Dosha is, check out Jasmine’s great feature here.


on arrival ~ golden milk | ginger, lime and salt pg 34

I ~ apple juice with a varta, pitta or kapha spice mix  pg 214

II ~ rose & cardamom gram ladoos pg 84

III ~ griddled gem lettuce (fennel and sesame seed gomashio) – pg 218

IV ~ seasonal kitchari (rice, lentil & seasonal vegetables) pg 184

chutney (ginger & coriander) pg 235

cumin and rose lassi (yoghurt, spices, salt) pg 121

V ~ fresh infusion (fennel or mint tea) pg 240

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