AERIN in The Hamptons

Words & Photos by Abi

Aerin is a brand that means a lot to me. I find it incredible when a person or a brand can really transfer feelings, thoughts & memories through products. From the rich scents to the chic packaging, Aerin Lauder has successfully created a brand that not only transports you into her world (even if it’s just whilst you’re spritzing Ikat Jasmine) but makes your heart hurt a little with the level of curation and evident taste, leading you to want to step up your game a little, even if it is by grabbing one of her home/inspiration books and finding little ways to infuse your life with pockets of Aerin’s elegance, in your house, your beauty cupboard or wardrobe.


Abi's Shopping List

I’m not even sure how I managed to pick just this selection but these are some of my favourite AERIN items.

Now though I do love Aerin, I’m also a realist and I know that the products aren’t going to be within everyone’s immediate price range, so, I suggest buying the Travel Matchbox Gift Set that is priced at £15 and usually contains Amber musk, Ikat Jasmine, Waterlily Sun, Mediterranean Honeysuckle & Tangier Vanilla. These are of course sample sizes, but they’ll give you a real introduction without the investment. Once you’re hooked (which will happen..) I’d say slowly start to invest in the £100+ priced perfumes and of course don’t forget the main beauty line. I know I’ve sort of skipped over the apparel, candles & homeware and this is predominately because they’re only available in the USA. I’ve been lucky enough to visit the store in The Hamptons and so my candle game is pretty strong but these are yet to be rolled out in the UK/Europe.

Also the apparel & homeware collections are strong, and I genuinely want everything but they’re price points are slightly gasp-worthy. But hey, I guess that’s why you save up for things…right?

So what am I saving up for? The Oversized Weekender, but in beige or brown.



Address83 Main Street,
Southampton, NY 11968, USA
Hours: 10am–6pm
Phone+1 631-353-3773

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