The Charlie, West Hollywood-17

arva is a contemporary lifestyle brand.

Our goal is to ensure you feel excited about your every day life. For you to not only experience bursts of incredible moments but for your entire life to feel like a celebration.

With the current pace in which products & technology are evolving, our team spend a lot of time researching, so that we can be a platform you can trust to showcase all thats new, cool & exciting.

Having already accumulated a strong database of hotels, shops, restaurants & apps, Abisola decided that a platform would be the best introduction to the arva brand. The aim was never to be positioned as an online magazine instead we launched a platform that produces a regular supply of tips & insights that give you a real perspective into who & what the arva brand is.

Whether it’s the idea of freshly baked lavender cookies or a great movie score,

Abi wanted to ensure that the content we produce would always make you feel something.

“I’ve always loved the idea of making luxury & cool things accessible. Over time my tastes have matured and every day I see them evolving. Sometimes it seems as though i’m not supposed to like certain things or be a part of them because I don’t fit into a particular mould.

So, with that in mind, my aims for arva are simple:

  • to make you feel
  • to help you discover
  • to ensure you feel apart of something”

At arva, we are attaching emotions and memories to all that we do, whether its a journal of stories or a night at the movies, we love the idea of immersing our community in a feeling.

arva is the everyday
arva is a lifestyle.