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Well hey! It’s 2016 & i’m excited. Do you ever have those feelings like something incredible is about to happen? Like you’re not really sure what to do with yourself in the meantime but you keep busy until the spectacular happens? Well yes or no, that’s how I feel right now. I don’t think i’ve ever been filled with this much excitement & curiosity before.

I’ve always felt a need to constantly work hard & play, way way later; Of course I have my moments but for the most part I can’t stand watching people not reach their full potential and in turn I end up being quite hard on myself. People sometimes say, I should ‘cut myself some slack’ & give myself a little more credit but I’m still young, so why do I need to start going soft already… I’m nowhere near the level I want to be at & I’m more than capable to do more, so honestly, I can’t really, even fathom, entertaining those kinds of thoughts.

So with all of this in mind, I want to give you a glimpse into my history; a few reflections so you know where my mind is at right now & i’m going to highlight a few experiences I’ve had this year, before I go on to tell you what’s next for…


I started the blog back in 2008 and over time I’ve slowly seen that ideas seem to come to me in all kinds of formats but the important part, is that the ideas are always flowing and though this is a great thing, the more ideas I have the less time I have for other aspects in my life, like this blog. You may have heard of The Apartment, it’s the company I launched a few years back that has pretty much monopolised all of my time and effort! It’s so exciting because we get to grow at my pace and transform ideas from an almost ineligible notebook scribble to a fully fledged physical creative piece of work.

In 2015 the company went global with projects & activity taking place across Europe & America. I consolidated my team a little more, started working with a whole host of amazing brands & continued relationships with companies I have now been working with for years, which is honestly such a huge privilege. We expanded our offerings and developed an exciting plan for the future of the company. 2015 was a life changing year.

Of course there were things that quite simply, just sucked. We had brands completely copying our ideas & others trying to take advantage of the fact that we’re technically still a start-up & so in their eyes small, all experiences I can definitely say are laughable now but when you’re trying to build something from scratch and these sort of obstacles arise it can be pretty disheartening. It’s natural to have an emotional response however I been brought up to believe that people’s negative or positive actions/comments should have no impact on what you have planned. If God has a plan for you, issues arising are hurdles to jump over, not stop signs. If I chose to spend my time upset or deflated because of these events, well then that would just be a waste. Time that I would never get back and that I wouldn’t ever be able to justify wasting. But if I choose to spend that time developing a new concept or doing some research for an upcoming project, well that would just make a whole lot of sense wouldn’t it..

I’ve always been a firm believer that all things are possible through God and so I rarely deem things impossible and often get carried away with what I want to do next. This belief is something I grow Team Apartment members on & now we all have folders that I call “Marvel Notes” and whenever they have a crazy, completely random but potentially spectacular idea, I tell them to put it in there and we re-visit them all regularly and see what we can make happen because sometimes the line between completely ridiculous and spectacular, can be thinner than you think.



I can’t say i’m doing what I always dreamed about; I had many ambitions as a child, from being a lawyer to a pop star to a psychiatrist. It was never clear what direction I would go in, well at least not for me. One of my dad’s earlier jobs was that of a computer engineer. He would have parts sprawled all over his office, as my dad could literally build working machines from scratch. This had a major impact on my life as I started using computers around the age of 7 and by 9, if a computer was faulty at school, I remember being granted all of these special hall passes so that I could go fix other classes computers. Granted most of the time, a simple Ctrl + Alt + Delete did the job but the point was nobody had a clue. I’d walk into the room and the teachers wouldn’t even be able to explain what went wrong.

Just to be clear, I was no child prodigy, I just knew some basic steps that would most likely fix a PC from all the times I would break mine at home and watch my dad repair them with ease.

Fast forward around 5 years or so & I had found Xanga, Freewebs and Myspace. They featured mostly adolescent rants and whining (good luck trying to find them) but for me this was my first time really taking control of an online platform. They were completely customised & personal to me and evidentially led to the launch of I am Abimarvel: The Dandy Place. Yes that was this blog’s original name. Over time, I expanded the blogs topics to not just fashion but beauty, technology, lifestyle, travel, all sorts really! It became a treasure trove for all of my discoveries and it was honestly so much fun creating all of the content. It wasn’t until I fully launched The Apartment that it started to get a little hard to maintain a blog full-time and well, a company too.

Part two coming shortly..


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